Monday, February 10, 2020

Supporting and Empowering Grace-Full People

If you have been spending more time at home lately, away from crowds, why not consider doing a retreat online or have spiritual direction via video call?

And if you are looking for support in a safe, sacred, non-judgemental space.
Perhaps to share your fears, worries, burdens or just someone to talk to while you are caring for yourself and/or your loved ones, know that we are here for you through the following ways:

Wholistic Life-Coaching via Video Calls (Phone or Laptop).

We offer wholistic and more inclusive life-coaching that balances mind-body-heart-soul-spirit.  Each session is personalised to the individual’s unique needs as arises in that present moment.  It may include:
  • Spiritual direction
  • Simple counselling
  • Art therapy
  • Happiness and Positive Psychology
  • Somatic therapy – based on physical movements e.g. simple stretches, pilates, taichi, dance etc.
  • Soul energy healing
  • Simple psychology
  • Minimalist lifestyle
  • Work-Life-Balance

Fee per session: $200 / HK$1000 - about 45 mins
Special Offer for Feb - July 2020 : 50% discount for First 3 sessions
Contact us at RunWaters to book your sessions.

Supervision And Caring for Carers
We are also experienced in providing supervision and care for professionals in the above fields, so feel free to contact us for self-care and professional supervision.

Training to Join Our Team
Try a consultation session with us first before discussing with us the possibility of getting train as one of our team of Wholistic Life-Coaches.

Retreat E-Books - At Your Own Place, At Your Own Pace

We have a few selection of do-it-yourself online retreats which you can pay for and download via Amazon. Click here for more info :

Or go straight to our recommended basic e-retreat - Gratitude E-Course ebook at Amazon. Get a copy now for a Special Price of US3.99! 
And if you prefer to receive these e-retreats in PDF copy, please email us at RunWaters

 YouTube Channel

We also have a few free videos on YouTube: