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2017 Retreats - in English, Cantonese, Mandarin & Malay

Spa for the Soul
Personally-guided silent retreats (residential): 
We are each invited into a deeper relationship with the Divine. With one-on-one spiritual guidance, let us make time to listen more deeply to our Higher & Unconditionally Love Self, discerning how we are called to a unique, personal journey. 

When you transform the soul, you transform thoughts, actions & behaviour.

And for those who are physically unable to travel to the retreat centre, you may do this retreat ONLINE through Skype or Gmail Hangout.  All retreats are available in English, Cantonese, Mandarin & Bahasa.  

All retreats start 5/6pm of 1st day & end 12pm last day

May 15-18, Mon-Thur (3 nights);
May 29-June 2, Mon-Fri in Singapore!
June 17-23, Sat-Fri (6 nights);
June 27-July 2, Tues-Sun (5 nights)
July - Full House, 
Aug 25 - Sept 2, Fri-Sat (8 nights) in London!
Sept 24-Oct 1, Sun-Sat (7 nights) in Hong Kong!
Oct 4-13 in Hong Kong!
(The Hong Kong retreats are both FULL! But pls do email us [] if you want to join for day-camp OR Skype retreat, OR in 2018 HK retreats. Thank you)

For other dates, pls email us to check availability.  Thanks

Online retreats are also available via Skype:
TBA - pls email to inquire.  Thank you

Art Retreat (NEW)
June 16-18, (Fri evening-Sun lunchtime)
This is a free-style artistic expression retreat. You will meet with retreat presenter only once a day, the rest of the time you are free to do whatever you want - paint, draw, sing or dance!

Decluttering - Spring Cleaning as Spiritual Healing
June 24 & 25 weekend (stay 1 night)

30 Day Retreat / Personally Guided Sabbatical (2017 now open for enquiry)

(Pre-requisite: must do a 6-8 day retreat with Nita to discern if you are called to this)

Please contact us at RunWaters@ to find out more.
Please register latest 2 weeks before the above programmes. Minimum 10 pax, otherwise the retreat will be cancelled.

Running Waters Retreat and Spirituality Ministry is now based at our newly set-up retreat centre on the mainland side of Penang state, Malaysia & close to the border with Thailand.  It's a beautiful, wonderful place, full of grace, miracles and healing.  We are so very blessed and super grateful to have been led here.

The airport is 45mins drive away and the train station only 15mins away.  All you need to do is book your retreat with us via, then book your flight or train tickets and the rest will be taken care of.  We will send a taxi to pick up and drop-off.

A week's stay/retreat here is only $230 (AUD, SGD & USD) and HK$1,350 - for room, food and taxi.  Suggested Love Offering or the spiritual direction is $150 per session (although each person is strongly encouraged to give what you are able to give).


For a second year, I shall be presenting a workshop at SDI 2016 Conference - feeling blessed and grateful

For a second consecutive year, I have been invited to present a workshop at the Spiritual Directors International (SDI) Emerging Conference in April 2016.  I feel so blessed and very grateful for this honour.

Monday, February 9, 2015

2015 - I Have A Dream...#BringMyLittleMeditationBook2schools

Dear friends,
I wish you all a Happy & Peace-Filled New Year as we approach the Chinese New Year here in Asia.

For 2015, I have a dream.  I would like to introduce My Little Meditation Book to schools and colleges. 
I need your help to make it come true please?
That each of us brings it to at least one school near us.

The benefits of meditation are vast and backed by numerous researches. In recent years, many schools around the world have already started meditation for children and teenagers.    From Oprah Winfrey’s Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa, to some of the roughest schools in San Francisco.

I have included in “My Little Meditation Book” 20 different ways to meditate, from different faith and traditions.  Respecting the diversity within our society.

On my part, I shall approach as many schools as I peacefully can, and I am willing to train teachers and students on how to meditate. 

From person-to-person, my little book has already been passed on to university students throughout the United Kingdom (including Oxford University), retreat centres, hospitals and even a Hong Kong prison.

There’s no expectation in how you can help.  If you can offer a prayer/blessing for us, that gift is precious.  Thank you.  And if you would like to help more actively in bringing my meditation book to schools, please contact me personally for more information.

Thank you again for the gift of you in my life.

San Francisco Schools Transformed by the Power of Meditation - NBCnews

Friday, November 28, 2014

2014 Year End Sharing

Dear friends,

To give thanks for that I receive, to celebrate life and share blessings with all those who need it, I am holding a Half-Price Christmas Sale of two of my books, Chinese Heart Songs and Via Lucis (Way of Light) for $5 each.  And $20 for any 5 books!

Also, I am pleased to offer half-day, mini-retreats on Healing and Blessings through body, art and silence from January to before Chinese New Year to continue this theme of Gratitude and Celebration of Life!

For 2015, I have been invited to present a workshop at the Spiritual Directors International (SDI) Emerging Conference in April.  I feel blessed and very grateful for this honour.

SDI is a non-for-profit organisation and they will not be covering my travel expenses to the event.  The money raised from both the book sales and retreats, I shall happily use to pay my way to Louisville, Kentucky.  This is near Thomas Merton’s home and the conference is to be held there in conjunction with the centenary of his birth.

Please email me if you would like to order these books, or to request to host a mini-retreat in your home, church or community.  Otherwise, feel free to join me at home in KL on Saturday, Feb 28 and Sunday, Mar 1st.

Please share this email with others too.  Thank you

Happy Thanksgiving and Advent Blessings

Chinese Heart Songs- review on Amazon:

Saturday, November 15, 2014

A video featuring my Batik Art Of Love exhibition in Singapore - on Abigail Talk Shop Webisode 1 (

Batik Art of Love by Nita Ng 12 Oct 2014 - event in Singapore - My Destination Singapore

Spiritual Directors International (SDI) Emerging Wisdom Conference 2015

Nita will be presenting a workshop at the SDI Emerging Wisdom Conference in Louisville, Kentucky in April 2015, in conjunction with the centenary of Thomas Merton's birth.  I'm so excited!
Emerging East-West Wisdom: Contemplation and Awareness through Body, Art, and Silence
Nita's Presenter Bio

Thursday, May 10, 2012

About Nita's Work and What is Life Coaching / Spiritual Direction

About Nita

In her former life, Nita has worked in the corporate world and non-profits as a manager and consultant.  She has also briefly worked as an MBA professor before the search for her true calling brought her on a new path--first as a yoga and Body-Balance (a fusion of yoga-taichi-pilates) instructor, then reiki healer, retreat director and finally spiritual coach/director.  She is also an artist of spiritual paintings and author.

"I am truly grateful and feel very blessed to BE happy everyday and I want to share this with everyone around the world!" - Nita Ng

Today, Nita is a spiritual director/coach, author, artist and teacher.

She has also been leading retreats and workshops around the world--including silent retreats in Ignatian Spirituality, Body Prayer, Batik and Art in Spirituality, and other prayer and meditation retreats since 2006.  She has been a member of staff at retreat centres in Vancouver Island, Canada; near Liverpool and Oxford, UK; and Cheung Chau, Hong Kong.  She has also presented and taught in New York, Washington DC, Monte Carlo, London, Spain, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and India.

She is currently spends her time between London and Asia Pacific but continue her spiritual direction online as well.

What is a Life Coach or Spiritual Director?
A spiritual director, or more popular term "life-coach" is a professionally trained companion and friend who listens to your deepest desires, or just a listener to all that is going on in your life at the present moment, and helps you heal, grow and achieve your deepest desires.  A friend who walk with you, supporting you, encourages you and help you stay-on the journey to become to best YOU that you can be.

This journey begins with getting to know yourself, becoming aware of your habits, or patterns, and helping you to become more aware and awake. Life-coaching and spiritual direction is totally non-judgemental and you can come from any walk of life, any faith or cultural background.  It is about the Real You.

Spiritual direction or coaching with Nita is currently available through Skype.  Suggested love offering per session is US$60.  For further information and to book your first FREE session, please contact RunWaters@ (all one word, no spacing)

Nita was my spiritual director for a few retreats, and it had been such a blessing  to have her accompany me in my spiritual journey. Nita is a mystic. She radiates joy and warmth because she lives out the joy and compassion of her faith. Her deep connection to the love of God was reflected on how she directed me, helping me to experience deeply this love. She is a woman of wisdom.  She listened deeply and helped me find clarity in my inner movements, make discernments and attain spiritual freedom. While she is a joyful person, she has the capacity to be present to pain and suffering, and provide a holding which made me feel secure and loved.  Her training and experience in spirituality, clinical pastoral care,  body work, yoga and healing enable her to provide spiritual direction in a holistic, open and compassionate manner. My experience of spiritual direction  in the past and then with Nita was like going from Confucius (structured DOing) to Lao Tzu (contemplative BEing), for she directed with the wisdom of a mystic. She did not give me answers but helped me to get in touch with my true self, which was like the sun hidden beneath the clouds. 
The spiritual journeys she walked with me were profound and grace filled, and she is a gift from God. - Lucy

I first met Nita at the Queenswood retreat center in Victoria, Canada. I was on a healing journey after many years of suffering with depression. Nita was employed there doing yoga and art classes & workshops. It was no accident that Nita was there with me as I went through a profound transformative experience at that time.  Nita played a big part in assisting and encouraging and inspiring me as I stepped into a new part of my life and a new part of me that I did not know was there. I took part in Nita’s classes which were wonderful, but more important to mention is that her presence is where her power lies. She held a space of acceptance, kindness and encouragement for me throughout the ups and downs of my stay at the retreat center. I discovered the artist in me while I was there and now I continue to paint and sell my work and I can also say that I am well. Nita has a wonderful gift to assist healing in others, I am so proud to know her.  – Leya

Nita是我的Batik Art 與 瑜伽導師培訓的指導師,她很天賦,在藝術與瑜伽教學方面都有自己的風格。我喜歡跟Nita上課學習因爲她的指導方式是以心出發,富具配合性與創意性。除了技術之外,她還幫助我增添信心,讓自己不恐懼地去做,去學習。

上一般傳統的課老師通常要學生學畫一些規定的圖以及學習規定的技巧。Nita給我建議就是隨心多畫,Batik Art 是沒有不美的作品的,這讓沒有畫畫基礎的我安心放心的去發揮自己。很喜歡這種以學生爲主的教學方法。


每次與Nita一起閑聊或上課我都獲益不淺,她是個不折不扣的良師益友,也是我靈性旅途上的伴侶。我愛你,謝謝你。Namaste. Bisous. - Mai San

Nita in the News

International Magazines and Articles

The Newsletter of Spiritual Directors International ( - "Connections"

Spirituality of Meeting no 30-31 2013


Spirituality of Meeting no 28-29 2012

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Previous Charitable Projects

An Explosion of Love! (2013)

Dear friends,

As we approach this Easter season, here is my gift for you this year—my latest ebook, “Via Lucis”.  This book is also dedicated to my beloved grandma, who is smiling at us from heaven.

Please share this link and gift of love with people all over the world.  May this message of love spread like dandelion seeds, bursting forth into the wind and flying across land and seas.

A paperback version is available in English and Chinese (bilingual edition) for order via email and you can give any amount you wish in donation plus postage.  Thank you.

This ebook is available for FREE download from Amazon Kindle for 5 consecutive Sundays, starting with Palm Sunday, Mar 24th (and on the Saturdays before that for countries in North and South America).

Amazon UK (& the rest of the world) -

Chinese (Simplified – mainland China) -

Chinese (Traditional - Hong Kong & Taiwan) -

Amazon Brazil (especially in view of World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro) -
Amazon Europe (and rest of the world) -



Other Languages
If you wish to contribute to making this book available in more languages around the world, eg. Korean, Spanish, German, Bahasa, etc., please email me your translations and I will make it available as soon as possible.  Thank you very much

My thanks to Selvam for introducing me to the Via Lucis.  To my wonderful friends and translators - Mai San (Japanese), Theresa (Chinese), Aniko (French) and Filipa (Portuguese).  And last but not least, thank you Lynty for your professional help in converting my batik painting from cloth to digital photo and for printing the paperback copy of this book.

Thank you all for being a part of God's love and grace in my life.
Love and blessings

Teachers Gifting Food and Education (2011-2012)

Dear fellow teachers and friends,

Christmas is the season of loving and sharing.  This year, I would like to focus on children and their basic needs, and would invite all of you to join me in giving a special gift this Christmas.

A good friend of mine works at a small center in Kuala Lumpur that serves as school for more than 100 Myanmar refugee children, ages 6-17.  The Malaysian government does not recognise refugee status and these children do not have the right to education here.  You may wish to visit the center’s website to better understand their needs -

I was inspired to raise funds for these kids this Christmas and I’m calling my project "Teachers Gifting Food and Education".  I am making it my goal to speak to at least 100 teachers of any discipline, be it Sunday school, art or taichi, and I would like to ask that each of you would in turn speak to 10 other people to help raise money for this center through the sale of my books.  Every dollar made in profit will go towards the kids.

In the current economic situation, $1 may not go very far.  But in this part of the world, for $1 a child eats for a day.  At $365, that child eats for a year.  But with $3,650 the whole school eats for a year.  So my goal is to raise US$3,650 this November and December so that we can buy food and notebooks for the kids.  

If you are thinking of buying books as Christmas presents for friends and family, please consider getting my books too.  You might wish to print out a copy of this letter to be included with the gift so that your loved ones know where the money is going.

The books are available on for US$3.99, and on Amazon UK for £2.90.   However, these are ebooks for Kindle:
(Note: This link does not work in East and Southeast Asia.  Alternatively please use Amazon UK -

If you would like a paper copy of the books, these are available for the same price* through direct order from me.  Please send your order and cheque payable to me, Nita Ng at:
No. 1, Jalan Helang Siput 3
Taman Sinar Suria
52100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia    (Please include your email  & phone number)

Or, email me at RunWaters @ for electronic payment details.  Thank you.

Thank you and blessings

*The same price of $3.99 is applicable in Canadian and Australian dollars.  It is S$5.00 in Singapore and RM10.00 in Malaysia.  Thank you.