Sunday, November 12, 2017

Spiritual Life-Coach or Spiritual Director

Simply put, a spiritual life-coach helps you find direction / purpose / meaning, by helping you listen to your own inner voice, through intuition and Divine guidance.  It is wholistic (involves mind, body & soul), rooting in your daily life (balancing your work and personal life) and helps you find peace, love, joy and contentment.  Only by helping yourself can you then help others do the same.

A spiritual director, or more popular term "life-coach" is a professionally trained companion and friend who listens to your deepest desires, or just a listener to all that is going on in your life at the present moment, and helps you heal, grow and achieve your deepest desires.  A friend who walk with you, supporting you, encourages you and help you stay-on the journey to become to best YOU that you can be.

This journey begins with getting to know yourself, becoming aware of your habits, or patterns, and helping you to become more aware and awake. Life-coaching and spiritual direction is totally non-judgemental and you can come from any walk of life, any faith or cultural background.  It is about the Real You.

I do this work using various wholistic tools including:
• Art / visuals.      • Poetry
• Visualization/ imagination
• Understand our dreams
• Body / somatic awareness
• Journalling, writing, mind-maps
• Wisdom & scripture from different faith traditions
• Inspirational writing, eg. Rumi, Mary Oliver, Hildegard of Bingen, Teresa of Avila, Ignatius of Loyola & Oprah.
• and others...

Spiritual direction or coaching with Nita is currently available through Skype.  For further information and to book your first Introductory session, please contact

Empowering Graceful Women Weekends - in Kuala Lumpur & London, Mar & May 2018

We invite women to come together to join us to:
   * Hold Sacred Space  * Listen  * Explore  * Become Aware  * Heal  * Grow  
   * Enhance  * Deepen  * To Come into Our True Self and Purpose
Wholistically (mind, body, heart & soul) individually and as a group

Kuala Lumpur, 2-4 Mar 2018
Arrive Fri, Mar 2 afternoon & depart Sun, Mar 4 after lunch
(SG$300 / HK$1800 all inclusive - room, food, sessions)

Regent’s Park London, May Day Weekend (May 5-7, 2018)
(£58 per day - sessions only. Bring your own lunch - non residential)

Please email runwaters@ to register/inquire